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Alan - Albrecht - Midland Europe ; CB
Alan - Albrecht - Midland Europe ; Ham
Alan - Albrecht - Midland Europe ; Marine Radios
Alan - Albrecht - Midland Europe ; Scanners
site is in German, but schematics and service manuals are in English

if you can't find it there, it ain't out there...

Lou Franklin's CB Reference and Modification site.

CB Servicing
zen96212.zen.co.uk's site with export schematics including:
Cybernet Export Service Manual
Uniden Export Service Manual
PC999 Schematic Diagram
PCMA001S Schematic Diagram
PTBM121D4X Schematic Diagram
PTBM125A4X Schematic Diagram
PTBM131A4X Schematic Diagram
PTBM133A4X Schematic Diagram
PTBM134A0X Schematic Diagram

Ham International Radios
has most Cybernet Chassis Schematics! (PTBM048AOX, PTBM049AOX et al)

Martin T Pickerings 'The CB EPROM Data Book'
recommended by Lou Franklin

several CB Radio manuals and tons of other stuff