Albrecht AE497
Cobra 2010
Comanche Warrior
Dragon SS497
Intek Multicom 497

Listed below are different techniques for different production runs of these radios.

Disconnect the power cord. 
Remove mini jumper on the CN1 of front PCB. 
Short two terminals of SMT3 momentarilly to discharge capacitor and reset CPU. 
Reconnect power cord. 

Set 'FUNC' button on and press number '2' (call) button for longer than 3 seconds. 
Now pressing '2' button will switch between bands, A B C D E F G H I J. 
Set 'FUNC' button on and press '2' button for less than 3 seconds. 
Now you can toggle between frequency and channel display modes. 
Set 'FUNC' button and press '2' for longer than 3 seconds to go to Ham mode. 

Unplug power cord! 
Carefully remove Warranty Seals (if you use a hair-dryer to warm them, they come off very nicely, what a joke!) and remove cover from radio. 
As you look toward the front vertical PCB you will see the 204 CPU mounted, just below and to the right (looking from the front down into chassis) you will see a small diode, it is near the bottom of the vertical PCB. 
This radio is primarily a SMD design and the diode is a conventional diode, clip it! 
Go to the CPU and on the right hand end you will see a tinned pad at each corner of the chip, short them out! 
Carefully replace the screws and the Warranty Seals. 
Repower the unit. 
Turn it on. 
Tap the FUNC button, hold button #2 for at least 3 seconds, and there it is... Channel 9! 
Tap the Func button and tap the Call (#2) button and you will see the frequency displayed! Reach out and touch someone FreeBander! 

Channel Expansion

Band CN1 (Diode) Frequency Range 
HAM Installed 28.000 - 29.690 
HAM and CB Removed 28.000 - 29.690 (HAM) 
25.165 - 29.695 (CB) 

Disconnect power supply from radio. 
Modify programming on CPU as shown in table above. 
RESET THE CPU by shorting out the pads (SMT3) as shown in above picture. 
Reconnect power supply and turn radio on, the HAM frequency will be displayed. 
Press FUNC and then press 2 (Call) for more than three seconds, the radio now operates in 454 channel CB mode showing only channel numbers. 
For HAM mode repeat step 5. 
For frequency display press FUNC and 2 (Call),. 
For channel display repeat step 7. 
Button 2 (Call) switches between 454 channel CB mode and HAM mode. 

Power and Modulation Adjustments

RV4 AM power Adjust for maximum power in AM 
RV5 AMC Adjust for maximum modulation in AM 
RV14 ALC Adjust for maximum power in SSB