Albrecht SS485
Radio Shack TRC-485
Dragon TRC-485
Dragon SS-485
Intek Multicom-485

The mod is to increase the amount of channels of the Albrecht SS485,Dragon TRC-485 or Radio Shack TRC-485 that originally comes with 40 channels from 26.965 to 27.405. 

The mod is to alter the pins of the 80 pin microprocessor (Albrecht SS485=SY202, Dragon TRC-485 = SY201, Radio Shack TRC-485 = HYU4011Q06 FP), so that the pins where either disconnected from the circuit (open) or connected to the circuit (close), from pin 31 (open), pin 32 (open), pin 33 (open), pin 34 (close) the radio then had 400 channels of transmission/reception. 

To control the bands you must touch pin 3 of the CPU with pin 29 for one second. 
You can re-wire the NB switch to do this (the NB button is connected between pins 3 and 28), this is easy to do, locate the track for pin 28 on the CPU, cut it and jumper the track (on the NB side not the CPU side) to the track for pin 29. 
When you press the button it will change bands as listed below. 


Adjust the VCO to transmit / receive on all of the 400 channels .

RV1: RX-Meter
RV2: Squelch
RV3: TX-Frequency
RV4: AM/FM Power
RV5: AM Modulation
RV7: TX-Meter
RV8: Finale 100mA
RV9: Driver 50mA
RV201: FM Modulation
T11: AM 10.6950MHz
T12: USB 10.6925MHz
T13: LSB 10.6975MHz

General programming guidance of LC7232 devices with Seung Yong CPU SYSTEM SY202/SY204.
The processors SYSTEM 202 (204) with label Seung Yong are customized mask-programmed CPU's on base of the LC 72322 CPU from Sanyo.
Programming are those pin 32, 33, 34 of the CPU.
The indicated bridges must be manufactured from the links indicated in each case to +5 Volt or GND.
52 Open 53 Open 54 Closed = 400 Channels